NGO Social Service Workforce Project

 SSPA is leading a project on the NGO social service workforce. This will give us a clearer understanding of the complexity of need and pressures on services, and what these mean for providers and the workforce in terms of staffing levels and the skills and qualifications required across the sector. 

It will identify what providers will require, now and in the future, to support their workforce in capability development.

The project is made possible through funding support from Careerforce, the ITO for the social service and health sectors.

It is very timely. The new Government says it is committed to “investing in quality social service delivering for all . . .” along with a full funding review. 

In our briefing to the new ministers, we proposed:

  • An ongoing and realistic funding programme for capability development including professional development.
  • A workforce development plan for social services that involves government funders, community and iwi social service providers, and ITOs and other training providers.

About the project

The project has two phases:

Phase one is research to gather evidence. It will include a survey of SSPA members and more in-depth engagement with selected organisations. This phase will be concluded by the end of the year.

Phase two will provide opportunities for further consideration of the evidence, followed by a report on emerging client needs, changes in policy and other factors that have implications for capability development across the workforce. This phase will be completed in March/April 2018.

The final report will provide SSPA and Careerforce with a picture of the workforce in its current and probable future states, and offer proposals on the resources that providers need to support workforce capability development into the future.