Our submission on the CYPF Bill

We will be sending in our submission today to the Select Committee considering this important Bill which is proposing significant changes to the CYPF Act.

Beyond Boundaries: Collaboration in action: SSPA Conference 2017

This year's conference is for all those working in social services, whether as practitioners, administrators, researchers or policy makers. Beyond Boundaries: Collaboration in Action is at Te Papa on 4 and 5 September.

No "broad support" for identifiable client data

SSPA manager Brenda Pilott has written to MSD to correct its perception, circulated to NGOs, that a meeting with ComVoices representatives gave "broad support" to providing data about individual clients. Writing as chair of ComVoices, she told MSD that "most attendees at the workshop have substantial and unresolved issues about providing identifiable client data." She noted that while there is broad support for the collection and analysis of useful aggregate data, this does not extend to identifiable client data. ComVoices is now working on developing an alternative approach, for discussion with ministers. SSPA Quick Update 7 February 2017